Sherman another of county’s one-room schools

Sherman School District 89 was another of the over one hundred one-room country schools that held classes in Nemaha County. Located five miles north of Centralia at the corner of K 187 and 128 Road, the school district was organized March 1, 1886 and operated until March 1, 1947.
Concrete steps that can be seen in the ditch on the side of the road are from the school and have been pushed a little south of the school’s location. The building itself was purchased and moved to Seneca, where it became a residence.
This photo of the building and 1st to 8th grade students was brought in by Faye (Most) Weyer, who received it as a first grader on the last day of school, April 26, 1937, from her teacher, Miss Elnor Gerstner.
She believes the students are: (back row left to right) Maxine Koch, Regis Schmitz, Raymond Feldkamp, Miss Gerstner, Lawrence Kramer, Eugene Kramer, Lloyd Feldkamp; (middle) Norbert Schmits, Eymard Kramer, Leonard Schmits, Earl Koch, Delores Godbout, Kathleen Kean, Gerald Kean, Wilbert Koch, Harold Becker; (bottom) Leona Koch, Lucille Becker, Bernice Kean, Charles Godbout, Faye Most and Elmer Feldkamp



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